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What's the "Secret Weapon" used by strength coaches to train elite athletes?

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Gnarlmaster's Catch Wrestling Site!

Hello, my name is Jim Olsen, and I created this page to spread the word on the grappling art of Catch-as-catch-can Wrestling and the "Lost" art of Hooking.

Catch Wrestling was the art that inspired modern day "professional" wrestling.  It was a brutal spectator sport based on the holds, submissions and throws of many different styles of wrestling brought to America by it's immigrants.  

This  was  REAL wrestling without the FIX (imagine today's freestyle olympic wrestling with submission holds).  Many of the holds and grips of Catch were designed to break bones and dislocate joints.  These dangerous holds were referred to as "Hooks" and many of them were later banned from the sport due to injury and death.

Many of today's Martial Artists, No Holds Barred fighters,  and Grapplers are looking for the most effective techniques available.  Catch Wrestling and Hooking can offer these modern fighters a new look at EFFECTIVE grappling, and give them REALISTIC techniques for the ring and the street.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and learn something you can use.  Be careful practicing as many of these holds can hurt someone badly even before you know it!

Thanks!  Jimmo....