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What's the "Secret Weapon" used by strength coaches to train elite athletes?

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Catch Wrestling Links...

Tony Cecchine's Catchwrestling! --- To my mind, Tony C's video/dvd set The Lost Art Of Hooking is the finest compilation of Catch Wrestling Techniques ever put on tape. He shows an exhaustive amount of holds and goes to great lengths to explain every part of what to do and why you should do it. Tony is a great guy and though I haven't seen him in years, know he is the tops!

Eugene Sandow and the Golden Age of Iron Men --- No other site on the web offers as much as this one on the topic of Old Time Strength training and Physical Culture! You could spend years of time studying this material! Read, learn, apply and grow stronger! Whole body strength training is the true force behind Catch Wrestling... you can know all the techniques cold, but you REALLY want and need the POWER and ENDURANCE to back them up especially when the chips are down.

--- Jim Olsen